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“The most important in-school factor promoting student learning is the quality of instruction. Principals establish the conditions that spur and facilitate strong teaching, and superintendents set up the conditions that allow principals to do so. That is why organizations such as DASL that provide professional learning and coaching to strengthen school leadership is so important. Our students are far more likely to succeed when they have highly effective teachers supported by highly effective principals who are supported by highly effective district and charter leaders.”

Delaware Secretary of Education, Dr. Susan Bunting



The Delaware Academy for School Leadership is saddened by recent events that are the result of entrenched racism in our country. We join individuals protesting across the globe in calling for justice and demanding respect for the humanity and value of African American men, women, and children. We commit to working against institutional and individual racism in collaboration with our communities, educators, policy leaders and the students we serve.

The Delaware Academy for School Leadership believes that education will ultimately create the equitable society all students deserve. At the same time, there are systemic inequities within education itself, which includes how schools are funded and the resources available to students, such as access to effective teachers and principals.

Equity of opportunity for each student is a core principle of our work and as we strive for equity, DASL will continue to serve as a champion for educators. We serve K-12 school leaders of learning and change. We participate in the essential work of creating school and district cultures where all students experience a community of care  in order to take risks and grow academically, socially and emotionally.  As educators, we must take responsibility for transforming the knowledge, beliefs, and practices that act as racist impediments to student learning, whether at the individual or systemic level.

As a professional learning, research and policy organization, we invest in the collective efficacy of all educators and advocate for equity of opportunity for each student. As a staff, we commit to exploring and owning our beliefs and practices to more meaningfully contribute to a just, anti-racist education system. We must be vigilant in finding solutions for substantive change in the areas that we as educators can control. The Delaware Academy for School Leadership joins our partners within and beyond education to battle racism in all its forms.


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