Delaware Academy for School Leadership

The Delaware Academy for School Leadership is proud to announce three UDEL Principal Preparation Program “PPP” participants were recently named assistant principals of Delaware schools.



Each of these assistant principals participated in the 18-month UDEL Principal Preparation Program leading to Assistant Principal/Principal certification in the State of Delaware. This program is open to all Delaware aspiring school leaders and program content is aligned to the Delaware standards for educational leaders (Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, 2015).


Participants in the UDEL “PPP” successfully complete four University of Delaware courses; gain leadership experiences via two leadership internship placements totaling over 240 hours of experience with a qualified principal mentor; and practice giving educators feedback related to planning and instructional practices.


All program graduates receive leadership coaching from the Delaware Academy for School Leadership at no cost to the individual during their first year on the job as an assistant principal.


For information on the UDEL Principal Preparation Program leading to assistant principal / principal certification, visit or contact



Rhiannon O’Neal, Assistant Principal, Laurel High School

Tracy Calhoun, Assistant Principal, Silver Lake Elementary School


Emily Warren, Assistant Principal, Richardson Park Learning Center