Delaware Academy for School Leadership

Delaware Academy of School Leadership

DASL is a professional development, research and policy center working to improve public education by developing leaders. DASL is a nationally recognized and award winning center that is a part of University of Delaware’s College of Education and Human Development.


The mission of the Delaware Academy for School Leadership is to improve public education by developing and supporting school and district leaders throughout all levels of their careers by providing powerful research-based professional learning programs, differentiated coaching services, and by advocating for best education practices and policies.

DASL Theory of Action

  • School leadership has a powerful effect on school improvement and student achievement.
  • School leadership is a highly challenging, complex and knowledge-based professional career.
  • School leaders need sophisticated knowledge and skills to be effective in improving schools and increasing student achievement.
  • School leaders develop sophisticated knowledge and skills when provided with appropriate high quality professional learning experiences, specific interventions, and follow-up support.