1. A master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. The applicant will                   provide transcripts.
2. A grade point average of at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or evidence that the candidate                   placed in the 50th percentile for coursework completed in a master’s program.
3. Demonstrated excellence in teaching for a minimum of five years* as evidenced through             formative and summative performance evaluations provided by the candidate.
4. A completed writing sample (up to three typed pages) reflecting upon the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders 2015 (PSEL 2015) to provide supportive evidence of:

1.    A time when you provided leadership within your current organization.

2.    A time when you used school or student data to inform decisions about programmatic or instructional changes in your current organization.

3.    A time when you worked with the community or a group of parents to provide support to a specific group of students.

5. Letters of recommendations from a current or previous supervisor and two others reflective of:

  • Evidence of a time when the candidate provided leadership within the organization.
  • Evidence of a time when the candidate advocated for students and/or parents.
  • Evidence of a time when the candidate supported or facilitated change within the organization.
*Candidates with 3+ years teaching experience will be considered for program entry, assuming they will continue teaching while completing the UDEL PPP. However, Delaware Assistant Principal / Principal certification requires 5 years of teaching experience.

Candidates who satisfactorily meet criteria 1 through 5 above will be invited to an in-person interview with a panel consisting of the following members:

  1. Program Director
  2. Superintendent/principal supervisor from a partnership district
  3. Principal from a partnership school
  4. Program instructor

Candidates who are not selected for the upcoming cohort will:

  1. Be placed on a waiting list, or
  2. Be encouraged to continue engaging in leadership activities within their building/district and re-apply in the future.