Aspire Program in Milford

milfordDASL associates are conducting an aspiring leadership program in the Milford School District. The six-session program has been designed to provide interested teachers opportunities to enhance their leadership potential through interactive and relevant discussions on current research topics, review of legal and policy issues, and best school improvement practices.  A book study on, What Great Principals Do Differently provides core content and practical information for the group to consider as they encounter school leadership challenges.

The Aspire Program includes nine Milford teachers/specialists who have aspirations for assistant principal positions. The program, which started in October 2014 is coordinated by Paul Walmsley, District Director of Personnel and includes presentations from other key district administrators responsible for instruction and special education. The Aspire program is based on the successful work of Marion Proffitt and Eileen McAllister, who have led leadership workshops in several school districts over the last few years. Additionally, specific activities such as DPAS II, communication building skills, current issues in education, and education case law have been added to the program to meet Milford’s plan for developing their future school leaders.

Steve Godowsky, DASL Program Associate, leads the Milford Aspire Program. For information regarding teacher leadership programs, contact Alison Dubinski, at 302-500-7033

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