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June 2015 Policy and Practice Institute

Thank you for attending the 13th Annual Policy and Practice Institute: Delaware’s Conference on Public Education. Below, please find presentation materials and contact information for the breakout session presenters.

Please click HERE to view the keynote address by Pedro Noguera.

Pedro Noguera

Breakout Session A – Engaging Students Using Social Media

Presentation: How we use Social Media Policy & Practice Institute

Gary Phillips:

Gabe Phillips:

Doug Timm:

Torri Bennett:

Breakout Session B – Strategic Planning

Tony Marchio:

Breakout Session C – Glitches and Solutions: Lessons Learned Implementing Smarter

Kristine Colazzo:

Mark Dougherty:

 Cindy McKenzie:

 Tina Morroni:

James Simmons:

Breakout Session D – Delaware’s New Accountability System

Presentation: DSSF Overview – Policy and Practice Conference

Ryan Reyna:

Jeff Klein:

Gerri Marshall:

Breakout Session E – Preparing Executive School Leaders

Steve Godowsky:

Char Hopkins:

Kevin Palladinetti:

Breakout Session F – Due Process

Mary Ann Mieczkowski:

Breakout Session G – Affordable Care Act

Brenda Lakeman:

Breakout Session H – Defining the Role of Teacher Leadership 

Frederika Jenner:

Breakout Session I – Developing School Leaders: A National Perspective

Andy Cole:

MaryAnn Jobe:

Jackie Wilson:

Breakout Session J – Building a Positive Classroom and School Climate: Responsive Classroom Approaches

Linda S. Zankowsky:

Breakout Session K – Surviving the First Three Years of School Level Leadership

Terry Carson:

Noreen LaSorsa:

Jennifer Nauman:

 Christopher Kohan:

Breakout Session L – BRINC: Blending Learning Strategies

Terri Villa:

Susan Bunting:

Michelle Kutch:

Tom Gavin:

Vicki Gehrt:

Breakout Session M – School Construction and School Safety

John Marinucci:

Breakout Session N – Utilizing Paraprofessionals to Maximize Learning in Your School

Sylvia Henderson:

Debbie Grise:

Myrna Shockley:

Breakout Session O – Teacher Leadership in Practice

Presentation: Schools That Lead DASA/DASL Conference June 2015

Dana Diesel-Wallace:

Sofi Frankowski:

Breakout Session P – Delaware Policy Updates; DASA and DSEA

Kevin Carson:

 Jeff Taschner:

Breakout Session Q – Q and A with Pedro Noguera

Pedro Noguera: 

Breakout Session R – Acceptable Use of Social Media in Athletics Department

Kevin Charles:

Breakout Session S – Developing Teacher Leaders

Joseph Jones:

TJ Vari:

Breakout Session T – Teacher Leader Voices

Frederika Jenner:

Breakout Session U – Interactive DPAS II Data Reports: Meaningful and Actionable

Kenneth Hutchins:

Breakout Session V – Observing Standards: Aligned Math and Science Instruction

Faith Muirhead:

Connie Fisher:

 Session W – What Great Delaware Principals Do Differently

 Jeff Menzer:

James Simmons:

Lisa Ueltzhoffer:

Courtney Voshell:

Breakout Session X – Finance Training for Board Members 

Sue Francis:

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