Policy and Practice 2013

Thank you for attending the 11th Annual Policy and Practice Institute.  Below, please find the presentation materials and contact information for the breakout session presenters.

Check back soon for additional presentation materials.


Keynote- The Principal’s Role in Teacher Effectiveness: Building Capacity and Support

Breakout Session A- Q&A with Keynote Speaker              
Rita D. Perez: riperez@pa.gov


Breakout Session B- Using DPAS as a Tool for Improving Instructional Leaders
Steve Godowsky: sgodow@udel.edu
Sharon Brittingham: sharonbr@udel.edu


Breakout Session C- Leading School Improvement
Dean Ivory: dean.ivory@laurel.k12.de.us
Tiesha Niblett: tiesha.niblett@laurel.k12.de.us


Breakout Session D- It Starts with Us:  Creating a Welcoming, Engaging School Community
Dr. Sherry Kijowski: sherry.kijowski@cr.k12.de.us
Melanie Day: melanie.day@cr.k12.de.us
Brook Fuchs: brook.fuchs@cr.k12.de.us


Breakout Session E- TELL Delaware Survey Results:  The Intersection of Policy and Practice
Deb Stevens: Deborah.stevens@dsea.org
Frederika Jenner: Frederika.Jenner@dsea.org


Breakout Session F&J- What Great Principals in Delaware Do Differently
Dan Shelton: sheltond@christina.k12.de.us
Darren Guido: darren.guido@capital.k12.de.us
Clifton Hayes: clifton.hayes@nccvt.k12.de.us
Margaret Lynn Brown: lynn.brown@wsd.k12.de.us


Breakout Session G- Exploring Teacher Leadership Standards
Elizabeth Soslau: esoslau@udel.edu
Michelle Marie Bernardi: michelle.m.bernardi@gmail.com
Amy Gottesman: amygot@gmail.com
Kristin Gray: kristin.gray@cape.k12.de.us
Terri Sharpe: terri.sharpe@capital.k12.de.us


Breakout Session H- The Changing Role of the Principal Supervisor
Jackie Wilson: jowilson@udel.edu


Breakout Session I- Organizing, Managing, and Communicating a Process for Walkthroughs, Observations, and Feedback for Teachers
TJ Vari: thomas.vari@appo.k12.de.us


Breakout Session K- Prowling for Parents and Partners:  Increasing Achievement through Involvement
Tracey Roberts: robertst@christina.k12.de.us
Tylisha A Saunders: saunderst@christina.k12.de.us
Tiffany Robbins: robbinst@christina.k12.de.us
Eric Pugh: epugh23@hotmail.com


Breakout Session L- Implementing a Continuous Review Process to Improve the Quality of Schools
Lori Duerr: lduerr@colonial.k12.de.us
Dorothy Linn: dlinn@colonial.k12.de.us
Elizabeth P. Fleetwood: elizabeth.fleetwood@colonial.k12.de.us


Breakout Session M- Teachers Institutes: Quality Professional Development in Content Areas for All Teachers
Ray Theilacker: rtheila@udel.edu
Barbara Prillaman: barbara.prillaman@redclay.k12.de.us
Dorothy Linn: dlinn@colonial.k12.de.us


Breakout Session N- Why Should Teachers Be Leaders? A Conversation with Delaware Teacher Leaders
Debbie Grise dgrise@udel.edu
Lauren Grise: lauren.grise@irsd.k12.de.us
Melissa Grise: melissa.grise@irsd.k12.de.us
Richard Crisci: richard.crisci@wsd.k12.de.us
Melanie L Bowden: melanie.bowden@laurel.k12.de.us

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