Delaware Academy for School Leadership

Our Coaching Model

We have experienced school leaders trained in research-based coaching models for principals and teachers. Contact us today!

Blended Coaching

Blended Coaching is defined as the practice of providing ongoing professional support to another individual or group to help them clarify and/or to achieve professional goals.

DASL school leadership coaches have been trained in the blended coaching model by Gary Bloom, author of “Blended Coaching.”

The blended coaching model suggests that supervisors need to be prepared to utilize the coaching process to help principals and teachers to develop both their “ways of doing” and their “ways of being”.

“Ways of doing” are the technical, knowledge-based elements of the job, such as knowing how to design a professional development plan or analyze student achievement data.“Ways of being” are the dispositional, affective, emotional intelligence elements of leadership. Examples might include the ability to maintain positive relationships with staff and community and the passion and commitment to increase student achievement in the face of difficult obstacles.

DASL’s coaching team will:

  • provide customized support based on your individual or group needs and priorities
  • leverage your successes for future growth
  • help you identify and address challenges
  • identify professional priorities
  • provide research-based resources