The Comprehensive Success Review provides districts and schools with research-based feedback focused on improving outcomes for all students through an on-site visit process and rubric.  The Comprehensive Success Review improves outcomes for students through analysis and plan development based on a comprehensive review of school programming, student performance and processes.

The eight research-based rubric elements for school level on-site reviews are as follows:

  •        Leadership
  •        Budget and Resources
  •        Teacher and Student Class Assignment
  •        Curriculum and Instruction
  •        Assessment and Accountability
  •        Professional Development
  •        School Environment
  •        Parents and Community

The goal of the Comprehensive Success Review process is to identify areas of strengths and challenges in the research-based elements and provide technical assistance to schools in developing strategies to address the areas of need.  The schools and districts will be able to include these needs, strategies and associated measures in their Success Plans for continuous school improvement.

Delaware Comprehensive Success Review Documents 

DASL staff have partnered with the Delaware Department of Education to facilitate the CSR process.  DASL staff collaborates with partners to train district and school staff on the CSR process and to schedule the school visit and the written report. DASL staff also collaborates with the district or charter school to provide the principal and school leadership team with a summary of the report and recommendations and resources for taking action on areas identified for school improvement. State funding is available for focus and priority schools that are required to conduct an assessment of the school.  DASL can provide this service to schools and districts outside of Delaware.

The Comprehensive Review Process is a research-based approach to school improvement that focuses on eight areas. DASL also works with districts that are using this approach to improve schools. If you are interested in learning more about the CSR process and how DASL can provide this service to your district or charter school please contact Emily Poag at 302-831-4074 or emilyp@udel.edu.