Delaware Academy for School Leadership

DASL Advisory Board

DASL Advisory Board Members

Thank you to Delaware leaders who serve on the DASL Advisory Board to learn about the work of the Delaware Academy for School Leadership and advise DASL services and policy priorities each school year.

Advisory Board Priorities

DASL Director, Jackie Wilson meets with the DASL Advisory Board three times a year to provide updates on DASL’s work with school districts and charter schools. Meetings are also an opportunity to engage advisory board members in activities and discussions to help DASL determine annual priorities. Priorities for 2019-2020 determined by the advisory board include:

Priority 1: Provide a professional learning network for principals and their leadership team focused on leading special education services and support for students. The network includes differentiated professional development, expert consultation, and site visits and support.

Priority 2: Provide an alternative route to certification program for aspiring assistant principals and principals.

Priority 3: Provide coaching for assistant principal and principals aligned to the Professional Standards for School Leadership.

Priority 4: Provide professional development based on district/school need.

DASL Advisory Board Members

2019-2020 Board Members

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2018-2019 Board Members

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2017-2018 Board Members

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Advisory Board Accomplishments

1. Recommended a statewide survey and three regional focus groups to determine professional development priorities for Delaware school leadership.

2. Provided feedback on DASL work plan.

3. Provided recommendations for DASL work priorities.

4. Approved first Annual Women Leading DE conference.

5. Reviewed DASL partnerships and budget model.