Delaware Academy for School Leadership

DASL READS May 2019 Update

Dave Santore #DASLreads and reviews “Whistling Vivaldi” by Claude M. Steele.

Patti Bunting #DASLreads and recommends “How to plan differentiated reading instruction” by Sharon Walpole and Michael McKenna.

Jacqueline Lee #DASLreads and recommends “Learning to Choose: Choosing to Learn” by Mike Anderson.

Debbie Grise #DASLreads and recommends”Being a Successful Principal” by David Schumaker and William Sommers.

Alison Travers #DASLreads “Talk To Me” by Kim Bearden

Tracy Hudson #DASLreads “Disrupting Poverty” by Kathleen Budge and Will Parrett

Sharon Brittingham #DASLreads and recommends “The Future of Work” by Darell West