Ed Burton

Ed Burton, Coach

  1. M.Ed. University of Delaware, 1970

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Ed Burton served Delaware public schools for thirty-three years. He held the positions of teacher, assistant principal, principal and assistant superintendent. He was named the Delaware National Distinguished Elementary Principal in 1987 by the National Association of Elementary Principals and received the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education School Administrator Award the same year. Ed also served as President of the Delaware Association of Elementary School Principals and President of the Delaware Association of School Administrators.

Ed’s twenty years of experience as a building principal has given him the opportunity to work with dozens of teachers and three assistant principals to monitor and evaluate their job performance. Regarding the teachers, through collaboration with them, as well as making specific recommendations regarding their performance, positive changes were seen in their instruction and student achievement improved. The three assistant principals who worked with Ed and who were coached and mentored by him went on to become very successful principals.

As the Assistant Superintendent of the Indian River School District, he had the responsibility of monitoring and evaluating the job performance of all building principals and the Directors of Curriculum, Business and Personnel.

The Delaware Academy for School Leadership has offered Ed several opportunities to continue to grow professionally since retirement. He has certification as a McCrel Balanced Leadership Facilitator, an Assessor for the National Association of Secondary Principals Assessment Center, a New Administrator Coach/Mentor, a Data Collector for the School Administration Manager Project, and a Data Collector and Team Member for Comprehensive Success Reviews. He also served on the Delaware Academy for School Leadership’s Turnaround Committee.

Ed has been a season ticket holder for both University of Maryland Football and Men’s Basketball for over twenty years. He attended the NCAA Final Four Men’s Basketball Championships in 2001. He attended again in 2002, the year Maryland the National Championship.