DASL provides a range of professional development opportunities for educational leaders across the career spectrum.

For teachers looking to lead from the classroom, influence their colleagues and contribute to school improvement, we offer a Teacher Leader curriculum and personalized professional development.

For those seeking administrative positions, the ASPIRE program provides hands-on exposure to the responsibilities of the job.  New administrators can also receive Coaching and Mentoring from experienced school leaders.

DASL’s STEP-UP Program is a development program for Assistant Principals to prepare them to be principals. The program can be customized based on district priorities and timelines.

The School Administration Manager (SAM) Project helps any school leader spend more time on instructional leadership.

DASL works with New Leaders to provide a community of practice , training, and support to Principal Supervisors, who mentor and support principals.  DASL also provides a community of practice, training, and support to principals who are piloting the Assistant Principal Practice Rubric.

Development Coaches provide one-on-one support to schools in Delaware, helping school leaders as they navigate the intricacies of the Delaware Performance Appraisal System (DPAS II). The Development Coach Project is a funded partnership with Delaware’s Race to the Top Campaign. Districts and/or states can contract with DASL to provide coaching services to principals to improve teacher effectiveness using their district and/or state evaluation system.

DASL’s Superintendent and Executive Leader Series is designed specially to address issues that pertain to superintendents and their school district executive leadership teams. Examples of seminar topics include: education and employment law issues, school construction from referendum to ribbon cutting, and school finance, budget, collective bargaining, and special education law for administrators.  DASL collaborates with the Institute for Public Administration (IPA) to offer this informative series focused on high accountability issues.