ASPIRE – Developing a Principal Pipeline

Participants will acquire skills and knowledge that are essential for managing and leading schools with a focus on school improvement and student achievement. The program is based on research and best practices in school leadership including: the National Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals, Delaware School Leader Standards/ISLLC Standards, and Educational Development Corporation’s Quality Measures Rubric for Principal Leadership Programs. The curriculum is aligned to national ISLLC standards as well as Learning Forward’s National Standards for Professional Development.  All activities are hands-on and apply to the practical realities of leadership in schools and districts.

The Aspiring Leaders program meets one afternoon/evening a month. Each session features a different element of school leadership including:

o    Leadership Style

o    Leadership Behaviors

o    Administrative Services (Nutrition, Transportation, Facilities, Budget & Finance)

o    Management and Instructional Leadership

o    Communication

o    Legal Issues

o    Governance, Policy and Procedures, and Protocol

o    Resume Writing and Interviews

o    Leadership Assessment

DASL staff collaborate with district representatives to identify and screen a cohort of aspiring leaders to participate in the program. Cohorts meet once a month for a total of nine training sessions, where they work on real school problems of practice. Aspiring school leaders participate  in a resume review and mock interviews. They also complete homework assignments following each session and identify a school or district mentor to provide support through the duration of the program. DASL staff members will provide ongoing support to participants and their mentors. For further information, please refer to the program curriculum.

If a district or charter school is interested in developing a cohort of aspiring school leaders who are prepared to take on roles as assistant principal, principal, or district support staff, DASL staff will meet with you to customize the Aspiring School Leader Program to meet the district/charter school needs.

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