Coaching is a service DASL provides on a contractual basis to districts to support school principals, new and or experienced.

The benefits of  individual principal coaching are numerous:

  1. The  coach provides the school leader a safe and trusting forum to share ideas and discuss questions or concerns they have about their role they may not feel comfortable asking their supervisor.
  2. The  coach is nonsupervisory and can provide candid feedback about the leader’s strength and weaknesses.
  3. The coach provides valuable and relevant advice regarding best practices of school leadership, curriculum, instruction, assessment, operations, time management and other topics unique to their context.

DASL provides coaching in the following areas:

  • Development Coaches who provide support in teacher evaluation.
  • Data Coaches who assist principals and teacher leaders in data analysis.
  • SAM Time Change coaches who provide training and development in use of instructional time.
  • Instructional Coaches who work with principals on strategies to support instructional leadership.

For more information please contact Dr. Jackie Wilson, Director, at 302-500-7030 or