DASL believes that with the proper supports and interventions, all schools and districts can achieve success.

DASL’s school and district improvement services focus on four key areas:

  • Using data to inform instruction
  • Improving instruction for all
  • Creating a culture of collaboration
  • Planning change, monitoring for implementation and aligning initiatives and resources
  • Providing support for common core implementation

School and district improvement programs include:

  • Distributed Leadership/Teacher Leadership: focuses on implementing professional learning communities and creating opportunities for leadership across the organization.
  • DPAS II Advanced Training Modules: help administrators use the state evaluation system to drive instructional improvement.
  • Comprehensive Success Review Process: provides districts and schools with research-based feedback focused on improving outcomes for all students through an on-site visit process and rubric.  The Delaware Comprehensive Success Review improves outcomes for students through analysis and plan development based on a comprehensive review of school programming, student performance and processes.
  • Developing and Implementing Focus School Plans: provides support to district and school leaders in the development of focus school plans by facilitating leadership team meetings, reviewing school and student data, and determining priority goals and strategies.  DASL will work in collaboration with the principal to develop, present and edit the focus plan and provide on-going support to implement improvement strategies.

In addition to these programs, DASL customizes services for schools or districts. For example, DASL has:

  • Facilitated “data days” for teachers and school leaders.
  • Conducted instructional walkthroughs and modeled the process for others.
  • Supported school communities through leadership transition.
  • Provided teaching strategies to support differentiated instruction
  • Conducted Comprehensive Success Reviews to identify areas where school improvement is needed

DASL helps schools or districts identify the first step towards improvement.

To learn more about how DASL can help your organization, Contact Jackie Wilson at 302-855-1621 or jowilson@udel.edu