Development Coach

DASL currently provides one-on-one support to 55 Delaware schools, helping school leaders as they navigate the intricacies of the Delaware Performance Appraisal System (DPAS II). Overall, the objective of the development coach is to increase the principals’ and their leadership team’s understanding of DPAS II to improve professional practice and student achievement.

The Development Coach spends three or more hours a week in each assigned school providing feedback and support to the school leader around performance evaluation. They offer documented knowledge of DPAS II, Charlotte Danielson’s Frameworks and Rubrics, and effective implementation of performance in a school setting.

To support school leaders who do not have a coach, DASL provides training on DPAS II, centered around Charlotte Danielson’s Frameworks, Conferencing, Developing Individual Improvement Plans and Observing Specialists. The Development Coaches have also developed an online tool, FRED, for all administrators to use as a resource for providing feedback related to the rubrics.

The Development Coach Project was originally funded with RTTT funds by the Delaware’s Department of Education with a cost share from participating districts. The project has serviced over 250 schools since its inception in July 2011. Although RTTT funding ended on June 30, 2015, DASL will continue to provide this service to schools by collaborating with the Department of Education and DE school districts using a cost share model.

For more information on DASL’s Development Coach project or about customized DPAS trainings, contact Sharon Brittingham at or 302-500-7031.