What is It?

The School Administration Manager (SAM) Project helps Delaware school leaders spend their time where the impact is highest: on instruction. The SAM project brings together tools, data and coaching to help administrators spend more time on instructional leadership and less time on school management. The overall goal is to improve instruction and school climate, leading to improved teacher practice and increased student achievement. While it is often referred to as a project, SAM is in fact a process – a process that is designed to bring about enduring improvements in principal practice, school culture, teacher practice and student achievement.

SAM and Delaware’s Race to the Top

DASL has provided Delaware’s SAM project services since 2008 with funding support provided through Race to the Top funding. RTT funding will end on June 30, 2015. Districts who would like to continue to provide SAMS support to principals can contract directly with DASL.

A Growing Network: the National SAM Innovation Project

 Delaware’s SAM project is part of a larger national network, the National SAM Innovation Project (NSIP). As of the fall of 2014 this network includes over 700 schools in seventeen states.  As one of the six NSIP Founding Affiliates, UD / DASL brings to the table experience gained from having been part of the project since its very beginning.  Additional information on the SAM project and on NSIP may be found at the NSIP web site: www.samsconnect.com.
Independent and external research has determined that on average principals gain the equivalent of 27 extra days of instructional leadership time in their first year of using the SAM process, and increase that gain to the equivalent of 38 days and 55 days in their second and third years of participation. (For details on the Policy Studies Associates research on the SAM project, go to: http://elite1199.inmotionhosting.com/~samsco5/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/PSA-SAM-Models-2011.pdf .

Get Involved

To participate in the Delaware SAM project, please contact Steve Godowsky, Project Director: sgodow@udel.edu