Superintendent and Executive Leader Seminar Series

The University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration (IPA) and Delaware Academy for School Leadership (DASL) developed a series of seminars designed specially to address issues that pertain to superintendents and their school district executive leadership teams. The seminar areas of focus include education and employment law issues, school construction from referendum to ribbon cutting, and school finance, budget, and collective bargaining.

The intended audience for the seminar series includes superintendents, assistant superintendents, budget directors, human resource/ personnel directors, special education supervisors, principals, facility managers, and school board members. The seminars were designed to inform executive leaders on the latest issues, trends, and programs in unique topic areas of interest. The seminar series represents DASL’s commitment to supporting school district superintendents and their executive leadership teams.

Check the calendar to see when the next seminar will take place.

Executive Coaching

DASL has developed an executive coaching program for superintendents. Coaching services will be available on specific areas of interest identified by the superintendent, such as strategic planning, financial and budget considerations, referendum planning and organizational management.  Coaching can be on an ongoing basis between the superintendent and the coach. These confidential consulting services will be facilitated by DASL coaches that include successful former superintendents with a wide range of expertise and experience.

Consulting fees are flexible and can be adjusted on an hourly or daily cost basis.

Executive Leadership Academy

ELA Network Lunch, December 3, 2015 

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The ELA is designed for principals and district level administrators who aspire to the position of superintendent. The academy has been specifically developed to guide the work of executive leaders who recognize that leadership is best achieved in an atmosphere of collaboration and through challenging work with other executive leaders. Academy participants will focus on issues of leadership and change, engage in current readings, be exposed to action research, have opportunities for peer discussions. Participants will share educational best practices, and work on relevant problems of practice.  Experts from education and relevant professions will share lessons learned and will provide executive coaching and mentoring support to participants throughout the yearlong program.

The Executive Leadership Academy is structured to include six days of workshops and related activities. The sessions will be topical and supported through small group, one to one, and web-based interactions with experts in the field. The goal of the ELA is to ensure that participants meet their professional and personal goals, commitments, and aspirations.

For more information about the Executive Leadership Academy, contact Sharon Brittingham at or call at 302-500-7031.