Delaware Academy for School Leadership

Evaluation Systems

DASL believes that an effective evaluation system can support educator growth and student learning. We specialize in providing expert professional development for implementation of the Delaware Performance Appraisal System (DPAS II) and other approved systems in Delaware and surrounding states. Each of our offerings can be tailored to meet specific needs of your school district or state.

Summary of Offerings

Teacher and Specialist Evaluation Process

The Delaware Academy for School Leadership features a team of credentialed, experienced evaluators to assist schools and districts in effective implementation of performance appraisal processes for teachers and specialists.

DASL credentialed evaluators can support school and district leaders in meeting their annual evaluation schedules by assisting administrators with the entire process.

DPAS II for Administrators

DASL is the provider of mandatory training for all new administrators to become credentialed for use of DPAS-II for Principals, Assistant Principals, and District Leaders. The training covers topics such as DPAS-II policy and processes, effective goal setting, evidence collection, and giving effective actionable feedback. Registration is through PDMS.

DPAS II for Assistant Principal, Principal and District Office Evaluation

This program is designed for principal supervisors and is presented in two parts. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the DPAS II process for a specific group of administrators (principals, assistant principals or district office administrators).  This will include:

  • getting an overview of the system, including the technical assistance manual, forms, rubrics, timelines, and procedures
  • learn how to set goals and leadership priorities with administrators
  • practice setting goals and leadership priorities
  • practice setting a specific rubric and determine what determines effective practice
  • learn how to collect and manage evidence and prepare for the mid-term formative and summative conferences.
DPAS II Teacher Evaluation group

Honing Conferencing Skills

This program focuses on helping administrators make the most of evaluation conferences. Conferencing during the evaluation process is an essential part of the evaluation process including DPAS II.  Participants will learn techniques for holding pre- and post-conferences, tips on how to say what they mean, and practice conferencing skills in simulated situations. Additionally, this workshop includes tips and strategies on structuring a pre-conference, ending a post-conference, and encouraging challenging staff members to improve.

Developing leaders principal supervisors work

Developing Individual Improvement Plans

This workshop assists participants in developing Individual Improvement Plans. Typically, when an employee is rated needs improvement or ineffective he/she would be placed on an Individual Improvement Plan.  Participants will learn strategies for developing an Individual Improvement Plan and how to monitor and evaluate the plan to promote professional growth.

Setting Meaningful Goals

DPAS II requires all educators to set meaningful goals related to the improvement of student learning. While these goals are personal ones, there is still a relationship between the personal goals and grade, department, school, and/or district goals. This professional development opportunity offers a more in-depth look at ways to set meaningful goals, collect effective evidence and artifacts to show progress towards meeting the goals, and discuss goal progress in a conference setting.

Administrator discussing artifacts