Delaware Academy for School Leadership

Our Approach

Our mission is to improve public education by developing and supporting school and district leaders throughout all levels of their careers by providing powerful research-based professional learning programs, differentiated coaching services, and by advocating for best education practices and policies. We provide high-quality professional learning experiences for educators in the State of Delaware and serve as a model for the Nation.


 To accomplish this, we do the following:

  1. Facilitate evidence-based professional learning services and provide ongoing support to schools and districts.
  2. Provide customized, capacity-building services by taking an active role in planning, implementing, and/or monitoring instructional improvement initiatives.
  3. Design, conduct, and disseminate research on contemporary educational issues that impact student learning and educator practice.
  4. Participate in policy initiatives within state and national organizations.


DASL does not deliver one-size-fits-all training for educators. We partner with schools and districts to provide customized professional learning and support. When you partner with DASL, you can expect that we will:

  1. Meet with you to discuss your goals
  2. Help you to assess your capacity for growth and change;
  3. Develop a comprehensive plan for professional learning that meets your needs;
  4. Facilitate professional learning for large groups, small groups, and individual teachers based on your goals;
  5. Regularly communicate with you about our progress.