Delaware Academy for School Leadership


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“School improvement is not a mystery.
Incremental, even dramatic improvement is not only possible but probable under the right conditions.”

-Michael Schmoker

School Improvement: DASL collaborates with district and school leaders to identify areas of focus for school improvement. This process includes meeting with the leadership team from the district and school to review school data, conduct school walkthroughs, and conduct classroom observations in preparation. Once an initial assessment is completed, the DASL team meets with the school and district leadership team to determine priorities for professional development, coaching and technical assistance. Examples of school improvement strategies include:

  • Coaching support for the principal and assistant principal
  • Facilitated Leadership Team PLC
  • Design Thinking Leaders Academy
  • Professional Development on targeted improvement goals such as special education, school climate and culture, instructional leadership, and lesson planning

Leading for Instruction: DASL School Leadership Specialists work in schools to provide professional development and coaching support and resources to teachers and principals. This work includes planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, professional responsibilities, and student improvement. Our work aligns to Delaware’s Professional Teaching Standards and the Danielson Framework for Teaching. DASL School Leadership Specialists understand that school context matters. We customize professional learning and coaching to the specific needs of your school. DASL is dedicated to supporting a district’s lowest performing schools to improve opportunities for all students.


Dr. Sharon Brittingham provides coaching and support to school leaders working on school focus and priority plans. As an award-winning principal, Dr. Brittingham brings over 40 years of school leadership and instructional expertise to support principals and teachers in improving student achievement.