Delaware Academy for School Leadership

Teacher Support

DASL’s signature programs help schools and districts at many levels.  Our new teacher induction and mentoring program, KICK-START, offers coaching, feedback and support for teachers who are new to the profession or new to a school or school district.  DASL coaches are experts in the Delaware Performance Appraisal System (DPAS) and provide support to new teachers in understanding the four components of the Danielson framework.

DASL also offers comprehensive professional development services to help all educators enhance their work with students by supporting classroom management techniques,  lesson planning, and classroom engagement techniques. Additionally, DASL works to develop teacher leaders who are interested in learning how they can work along with their colleagues to improve student learning and expand their expertise outside the classroom.  All  programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of schools or districts.

“… schools need to be considered as places for teachers to lead scholarly lives.  I can’t imagine providing quality education for students if schools don’t take the teaching of teachers seriously.”

– Shelly Harwayne in Going Public: Priorities and Practice at the Manhattan New School

21st Century Community Learning Center Grants

DASL has worked with four Delaware school districts (Caesar Rodney, Laurel, Seaford, and Woodbridge) to obtain 21st Century Community Learning Center grants allowing for additional summer and after school educational supports. As part of the grant, districts like Laurel and Caesar Rodney developed innovative summer programs to give incoming kindergarten students a boost as they prepare to enter school.

DASL works with district teachers and administrators to help plan and implement these programs, focusing on literacy development and mathematics skills and knowledge. Additionally, Caesar Rodney and Seaford use the grants to provide after school academic supports for elementary students during the school year. For more information click the image to the left to link to an article about Laurel’s program from UDaily.

Developing School Culture and Climate

Creating an environment in which learning takes place is critical. DASL provides support to teachers for the Delaware Performance Appraisal System and the Delaware Framework for Teachers Component II: Classroom Environment. School leadership specialist provide professional development and coaching in the following areas:

  • Managing Classroom procedures
  • Managing student behavior
  • Creating an environment to support learning
  • Organizing physical space