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DASL has dramatically strengthened educational leadership in Delaware since our founding in 1999.

Key accomplishments include:

  • Administering two Race to the Top projects on behalf of the Delaware Department of Education including the Development Coach and School Administration Manager Programs.
  • Collaborating with the Department of Education and New Leaders to revise policy for DPAS II for Principals (Regulation 108A) and facilitating a Community of Practice for Principal Supervisors
  • Providing consultation to the National Association for State Boards of Education on state policy related to school leadership
  • Working as a partner with the Wallace Foundation on the Principal Pipeline and Principal Supervisor projects
  • Working as a partner to improve student achievement in two Delaware partnership zone turnaround schools.
  • Providing professional development to aspiring and practicing principals on behalf of the Hawaii Department of Education.
  • Providing statewide training to  administrators in Delaware on the process and content of the Delaware Performance Appraisal System ii-r on behalf of the Delaware Department of Education.
  • Designing and leading professional development for teacher leaders in six school districts
  • Managing the state’s grants from The Wallace Foundation – an investment in public education of nearly $5.6 million over 10 years.
  • Collaborating with the Department of Education (DOE) and other state, university and community partners to develop a cohesive leadership system. This nationally acclaimed system ensures that state, district and school policies work together to create high-performing schools.
  • Designing innovative projects that now reach 100 percent of school districts and many charters in Delaware and serve leaders throughout their careers.
  • Extending our reach abroad through an ongoing partnership with Tobago, West Indies. DASL trains all school leaders in Tobago.
  • Cultivating future education leaders through funded research assistantships.
  • Delivering the Executive Leadership Academy for districts and charters participating in Vision 2015, Delaware’s plan to create world class schools.
  • Working with stakeholder groups to develop policy recommendations in areas such as teacher recruitment, retention and effectiveness, teacher leadership, and human capital.
  • Providing training to principal supervisors, principals and assistant principals in preparation for the Annual Professional Performance Review for principals and teachers in the Yonkers, New York School District as part of Race to the Top requirements.
  • Participating in the Common Ground for Common Core implementation program sponsored by the DE DOE.
  • Facilitating 20 Comprehensive Success Reviews in 20 Delaware schools.
  • Awarded three, five-year 21st Century Grants to support extra time programs for Kindergarten and First Grade Students in eight schools in the Laurel, Seaford and Caesar Rodney School Districts totaling $530,000 per year.
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